Building site with large plant - digger, dumper truck, crane - and 3 new terraced house nearly completed.

The Government has published proposals for a ground-breaking Devolution Deal for Devon and Torbay that could re-draw the future relationship with Whitehall and transfer a range of powers and funding to local democratic control.

It is a big step forward on our devolution journey; the proposals would enable more decisions to be taken locally on things that matter to local people such as building more affordable homes, investing in new quality jobs and skills, and improving public transport.

The Government has chosen Devon and Torbay as one of only a small number of local authority areas in the country to form a Combined County Authority (CCA), that will not require an elected Mayor or changes to the current structure of local councils.

The main building at Exeter Science Park, with a woman on a red bike cycling past. Modern builidng, showing lots of grey cladding and a tall glass atrium, with a flat roof that over hangs the atrium in a dramatic manner.

Subject to public consultation, the new powers would be devolved to a proposed CCA – a partnership comprising Councillors representing the councils of Devon and Torbay, including District Councils, and representatives from business and education.

Together, the partnership would deliver on a jointly agreed programme, working alongside a wide range of other local stakeholders, to big local priorities.